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Laid-back eatery with a menu of popular Thai & Japanese dishes like sushi & curries.

Welcome to Thai Shokun Restaurant.

We are specific in Thai and Japanese food. 

What is Thai Shokun

The word “Thai” represent authentic Thai food. “Shokun” represent Traditional and contemporary sushi and Japanese food.

“Shokun” actually spells Shogun (commander of armies) is a military rank and historical title for Hereditary Commander of armies in Japan.

The Japanese word for Shogun it made up of two kanji word. “Sho”, meaning commander or general and “Gun” meaning military troops or warriors.

We do not want to use the word “gun” in our restaurant name. Ultimately, we called our restaurant name “Thai Shokun”.


You are welcome to sit at our sushi bar, dining room and patios. 

Please call us if you want to come more than 6 people.


  • "This is by far one of my favorite Sushi/Thai resturants that I know. What makes this place so good is the sushi specials. The menu is great and has plenty of options that are good, but the way to go is to sit at the sushi bar and tell the chef that you want "chefs choice", and he makes you the best sushi dishes that have so much flavor and fresh tasting fish. Other good options are the Mish Seabass and a custom made Ceviche. Love this place! "

  • "Amazing!!!Truly one of if not the best hidden secrets in the area.My wife has gotten several Sushi and sashimi rolls from this excellent establishment in the last week to 2 weeks ands and the Sushi prepared by Jake and company are extrordinary. I have a had Thai food in Manhattan and all over the US Thai Shokun brings a real sense of the flavor of true Thai food. Chef Poe and Jack are true masters of cuisine. I say to all that have the chance to visit the overrated Chris's Taverna who have to wait 30 minutes at a time after 5 check out of the cattle call and go to a hidden gem of true authentic Japanese/Thai cuisine at the Thai Shokun. You'll not be disappointed."

    William K.
  • "Priceless- for everything else there's MasterCard. We stopped in here on a whim today. Never been. It was absolutely amazing. The service was impeccable, they work as a team, met all of our needs. The sushi was great tasting, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing. The Thai was also amazing, with a burst of different flavors. This place is relatively close to my employer and I will definitely be back again. The lunch specials were also very reasonable. 5 stars, hands down. I would be remiss if I did not mention the music. It was jamming! I don't remember exactly what was on- but they were styling. Don't take my word for it- check it out yourself- you will not be disappointed."
    Andre Roussimof
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Thai Shokun restaurant is conveniently located in Pinewood Square Shopping Center, S.E. corner of Lantana road and Jog Road. We have both traditional and contemporary Thai and Japanese food.

Thai Shokun Restaurant


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Thai Shokun Restaurant
6346 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33463

Phone: (561) 641-8810


Mon-Sat 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Sun 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM